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May 16, 2012
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Bedroom Paint Colors

Bedroom Paint Colors

Choosing the right paint colors for an interior painting project for the bedroom can be one of the most difficult choices. For most rooms, there is a desired mood or atmosphere that needs to be established; once the outcome is chosen the paint colors can be easily chosen to create the desired atmosphere. The trouble with the bedroom is that it is probably the most versatile room in the entire house. More than one mood needs to be established. For evenings, homeowners want to be able to relax, read a book or just wind down and get some rest. But this does not work well in the morning when it’s time to get up and moving to get energized for the day. And to add to this complex mix, paint colors must also be conducive to romantic ventures as well. There are certain colors that can help create a comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom without leaning too much in any one direction.
Using earth tones can help bring about a nice balance in this important room. Use paint colors that match what you see in nature. You can use lighter earth tones like beige or sand to help a smaller bedroom appear larger as well as brighter. Muted browns, oranges, beige or yellow can bring a very nice balance to the room as well. Throw in a few splashes of brighter oranges or other natural hues to help establish some color without being overwhelming during the times that you want to rest and relax.  Using beige or a muted tan for interior painting in New Jersey can open the door for many different decorating options. Avoid bold reds as they can be somewhat overpowering in a smaller room like the bedroom.

Avoid using plain white as it can be a little stark and cold. A nice off-white, pearl or light gray are very good choices for interior painting projects for the bedroom. They will help the room feel cozier and at the same time allow for a wide variety of options for other décor elements. Almost any color will go with these colors. They also make a room seem a lot lighter. You can always use white for the ceiling especially in small rooms. Painting the ceiling white will make the room appear much taller and more spacious.

Blues and greens are very nice paint colors for bedrooms since they can evoke feelings of peace or serenity. Softer shades can be very relaxing and comforting. Sage or sky blue are among some of the more popular choices for NJ interior painting. Dark shades of these colors can be overwhelming and cause the room to seem much smaller or even too busy. However, in larger bedrooms the darker tones can be used for accent walls. This can help bring a balance to the room that needs to be energizing sometimes and relaxing at others. Purple is growing in popularity for bedroom paint choices. A light blue-based purple can be the perfect touch.

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