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May 9, 2012
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Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Exterior Paint Colors

Exterior Paint Colors

There are a wide variety of reasons why a homeowner chooses to undertake an exterior painting project. A fresh coat of paint or changing to more modern paint colors can increase the home’s curb appeal. But it can also help protect the exterior portions of the home from damaging weather conditions and pests. Many homeowners like to freshen up with NJ residential painting before putting the property back on the market for sale. Whatever reason the homeowner has there are some paint colors that work best for exterior painting. Much of the choice will depend on a homeowner’s personal taste as well as the home itself. The home’s size and style will largely influence what paint colors will work best. The materials it is constructed of and the type and color of the roofing materials are important factors that also need to be taken into consideration when choosing exterior paint colors.

According to many homeowners, standard white is still among one of the most popular paint colors used for exterior residential painting in New Jersey. Many people prefer it and in some neighborhoods it is required. It is a very versatile color and trim color choices are simply unlimited. Trim and other architectural design elements can be accented using bright color choices. Using white paint for exterior painting in New Jersey can help the house look larger and lighter. This is a nice touch especially for homes that are located in a very shady area.

For the homeowner who desires to give their home a more modern look it is important to choose from among the many neutral colors. Think about some of the colors that have been used on recent housing developments around where you live. The modern home is typically painted using light, neutral colors. This includes shades of tan, cream, gray, beige and clay. With these color options trim is typically painted white. However a tasteful choice can also be to paint the exterior portions of the home with a light hue and then use a darker shade of the same color to accent the trim or other fixtures. For example, painting a home light gray gives a homeowner many options for other exterior painting projects. Trim may be painted white and then doors can be painted a deep blue-gray color for the perfect accent.

In general it is not advisable to use darker colors for painting the exterior portions of the home. However, depending on the surroundings and the neighborhood darker hues can be a great option for paint colors in New Jersey. Lighter colors can make an older home appear less charming and they can look completely out of place in an established neighborhood. These colors can take away from its overall charm and appeal. Older homes can handle some of the medium to darker shades of gray, blue, brown or tan. Sometimes homes which have been built from brick or stone look great with a dark colored trim like red, blue or deep green.

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