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May 2, 2012
Choosing Exterior Paint Colors
May 16, 2012
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Interior Paint Colors

Interior Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors for interior painting projects sounds like a very easy task. However, getting just the right color can be a complicated process. The walls in a room are the largest visible space for the most part and they must be the right colors for the mood that is to be established. There are several elements that must be considered when choosing paint colors in New Jersey but once the right one is chosen the mood, atmosphere and aesthetic appeal can be brought into perfect balance. There are some colors to avoid but there are some colors that get chosen for interior painting projects over and over again. What are some of the best interior paint colors to choose from?

White is considered to be the most popular choice by many. It is very adaptable and versatile since it really goes with every color and can be adapted into any décor or interior design. There are some advantages associated with using white for NJ interior painting. It can make small spaces appear much larger; and this works even in very small spaces. When white is used for interior house painting it can make the room appear much brighter and fell much fresher. It is also great for the summer months because it has a cooling effect. For those who do not prefer the plain white look simply add a small amount of red, blue or any other color to soften its effect.

Off white and light brown are two paint colors that are often chosen for interior painting. Light brown works great in a large room. It will not make the room feel larger and it will add a little bit of warmth to the room It is also a great color for a room that you want to have a more masculine appearance. It also goes well with different shades of pink or blue. It is best to avoid using light brown in a real small room since it can make it feel somewhat oppressive.

Whites and browns are among the most versatile colors to choose from. Other colors may work well in one room, but not in another depending on the room’s main function. For instance yellow is a “happy” color and is frequently used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Red is vibrant and alive. And while using it for an entire room can be very overwhelming, it can be great for an accent wall. Red is somewhat versatile as the hue can be easily adjusted to help achieve a desired effect. Add a tiny bit of orange and it will be even bolder. Reds that have a hint of blue added in can be a great color for many projects.

There are some cooler color choices as well such as blues and greens. Bedroom favorites include various shades of blue. Blue is usually chosen for a boy’s bedroom since it is typically associated with the male gender. Light blue can make occupants think of the warmth of a sunny day whereas darker shades of blue can bring a touch of sophistication or elegance into the décor.

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