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Room Painting

Room Painting

Sometimes smaller rooms can feel rather inhibiting or confining. However, there are several ways to help make a room appear larger and feel much more open. Some methods including interior design techniques, color schemes used for interior painting, lighting and even NJ wallpaper design that can help make a room seem larger than it is. It may be as simple as removing a piece of furniture or artwork and replacing it with smaller pieces. You do not have to tear out a wall to make the room appear larger.

Interior Painting

There are certain colors used for NJ interior painting that can immediately brighten the room and give occupants the sense that it is larger. Lighter colors can be used to enlighten an area and make it look bigger. Using bright colors make the space feel more open since they tend to reflect more light. Using darker colors will make the room feel like it is coming in on you as they can be overwhelming in a small space. Use bright colors and soft tones of greens and blues to make a room appear larger and more inviting. Painting wall trim and molding lighter colors can help walls appear to be further back which makes the room have the illusion that it is much bigger.


Lighting can be used to open up a space. For smaller areas, recessed lighting can be very appealing. Torchiere lights are very good options for lighting as they can be used to bounce light off the ceiling. This reflected light makes the room much brighter and makes it feel larger. The more natural light you can work into the NJ interior design the more open the room will seem. However, do not be afraid to add artificial light too as it can have the same desired effect. Windows can make a room seem larger since the visitor can have an expanded view. Window treatments should be light or sheer to allow for more light.

Incorporating the use of mirrors into a room’s interior design can make a room appear bigger since they can be used to reflect both artificial and natural light. This light is reflected across the room and its overabundance can help make the space appear bigger. To keep the area uncluttered, you may use cabinet doors that have mirrors on them as well. Another great option is to use mirror tiles for one wall. It will make the room feel twice the size.

Interior Design

If you choose to decorate using any types of wallpaper design, choose lighter colors with very small details. Large prints will tend to swallow the room and cause it to appear smaller. But very small prints in lighter colors can help add to the illusion of depth in a room. When planning interior design in New Jersey, keep the flooring light as well. It can be constructed of a light colored wood such as oak, or light colored carpet. This will help open up the room even more.

Furnishings should also be considered and options adapted to helping the room feel bigger. Too many pieces can close in a small space; as can pieces that are too large. Use a love seat instead of a full sized sofa; or use two smaller chairs. Chairs may also be kept close to the wall and then pulled out when you need more seating options.

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