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Victorian House Painting

Victorian House Painting

Victorian House Painting

Victorian homes are classic works of architecture and this design allows much room for creative exterior painting schemes. There are several distinct features that are typical of homes that were constructed during the Victorian era. They feature ornate wooden trim, wraparound porches, fancy cupolas and various complex shapes. Many homeowners enjoy using two or three colors for exterior painting projects to help display these finer architectural details. Making the right color choices can help make a Victorian home into an artful showpiece that is sure to attract admiration.

There are many architectural details that are typical with a Victorian home; these can be accented with color. Generally, the NJ exterior painting of a classic Victorian home is done using three colors. This will include a main color, a different color for the trim and a third color just for accent. It is important to choose color schemes that will not clash, but will be cohesive and bring the home’s exterior into one common theme.

During the Victorian era the home’s exterior painting was done in colors that were taken from nature. American architecture was trying to make a break from the bland Puritanical styles that dictated the use of only white and one other color. To get away from these bland colors architects began to redefine the colors used in residential house painting. They used colors from nature such as browns or tans. The earth tones were paired with a wide variety of more interesting colors such as sage, plum, olive, mulberry red or ginger yellow. The bold colors were used on the finer features and woodwork so that they caused the house to stand out but not be overbearing.  Use just enough color to accent the finer details like gingerbread trim. Shingles can be painted a dark red and accent the roof’s ridge and pillars of the porch with a deep forest green. You want these features to stand out. These color combinations are still great options for Victorian home owners today.

Victoria Painted Ladies are homes that are very colorful and use vibrant exterior painting color schemes that pull out and make the most of the finest features of the Victorian home. These designs take accent colors to a whole new level. Porch balustrades are highlighted with bright and bold colors which decorate the intricate woodwork. Rings on the newel posts are painted with bright colors for accent. Windows are outlined with bright yellows and this is also used for the trim that is located under the home’s eaves. Sometimes the second story of the home is painted in a slightly lighter tone than the bottom story. There are some NJ exterior painting professionals who specialize in designing Painted Lady designs using appropriate color schemes for Victorian homes.

Choose exterior paint colors carefully to ensure that the combinations work well. It may be a good idea to purchase several sample containers of some of the colors you would like to use and make a few “paint boards.” These will help you be able to discern what colors will work best for exterior painting, and which ones are not going to work at all. You may also use some paint samples to see what will look best during daylight hours. It is very important to choose colors that will blend well together and complement one another.

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