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Exterior Design Tips

Exterior Design

Exterior Design

The first impression a visitor or guest will have of your home is the exterior design. It can be welcoming or uninviting; as well as anything in between. It is a very important part of the house that is many times overlooked. Exterior painting should always be kept up to date and in good condition to provide aesthetic appeal and to protect the exterior portions of the house from damage. But there are also many other exterior design ideas that can liven up your home and be representative of your personality and style while adding to its curb appeal. Here are a few New Jersey exterior design tips to think about.

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting can enhance the outside of the home in many different ways. It is just as important as lighting inside the home. Exterior lights can provide safety for visitors and guests as well as make an area more functional. Fixtures can be used as part of a landscape design or to illuminate the area around a deck or pool. They can also be used to line walkways. Light fixtures come in a wide variety of styles from torches and glass fixtures to solar powered units that automatically light up at night. Choosing the right, ornate fixture for a front walkway can also add a decorative touch that can be enjoyed in the daytime hours as well.


An exterior design simply is not complete without the addition of greenery of some sort. Placing the proper plants in certain areas can do a lot to enhance the home. Annual or perennial flowers can be placed in pots near the porch or windows. Shrubbery can provide some privacy as well as accentuate the colors of the home. Ground cover such as English Ivy can provide a colorful decoration as well as make that area of the yard nearly maintenance free. Flowers, greenery, shrubberies and trees can all make the home more inviting and approachable.

Backyard Escape

When considering exterior designs the backyard is just as important as the front. It may not be the first thing a guest sees, but it will likely be the place that they spend the most time in.  The backyard can be a social gathering place providing hours of food and fun with friends and neighbors. A deck can provide adequate space for grilling and eating. Perhaps the backyard landscape is suitable for the addition of a pool. A nice waterscape can help make the backyard a relaxing escape from the chaos of life.


The main focal point of the exterior of the house is the entryway. It is very important that guests are able to spot it easily upon arrival. Adding columns, transom windows or a decorative overhang can make the entryway more appealing and welcoming for guests when they arrive. This is also a good place to add some exterior lighting. The door can be painted with a starkly contrasting color to the rest of the house to make it both complementary and more visible.

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