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February 8, 2012
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Painting Your Living Room

Your living room is central to your home. The first impression is important and your living room is many times the only room that guests will ever see. Since it can leave a lasting impression, it is one room of the house that needs to be the perfect expression of who you are. There are no hard set rules in modern design about interior paintingyou can paint it any way you prefer. However, there are some time tested basics about painting your home that are worth a look at.

Painting Your Living Room

Painting Your Living Room

Colors are very important when it comes to our senses and our moods. A lot of time, people who are very outgoing will choose bold paint colors for the living room; at the same time people who tend to be shyer prefer colors that are more subdued and passive. The trick is to use a combination of your preferred colors that will help the living room be comfortable as well as welcoming.

For the best effect, try to use only one or two colors in the living room. You may choose to paint the walls one color and the trim another, or perhaps you would rather accent one wall with a particular color while painting the other three walls with another color. Before painting your home in New Jersey, take a trip to the local paint store where you can look at some of the color palettes to get a good idea of colors that go well together. Just remember that the colors you use for interior painting will set the mood in the area.

One of the main factors that should be used for determining the appropriate colors for the living room is to consider what types of activities generally take place in the area. Is your living room a place that is the hub of social activities like watching sports events or movies or playing games? For these very social rooms, warm colors are presented in the modern design. Reds, yellows, oranges and browns are among the warmer colors.

Perhaps your living room is a place that is used to relax, sit for a while or read a book. These are calmer activities, and have a more inward focus. For living rooms that generally accommodate these calmer activities you will want to choose cool colors for interior painting. Mint green, blues, whites and grays are the types of calming colors that will work well for these peaceful activities.

Another important factor is the size of the room. The colors you use for the interior design can make the room look a lot smaller or larger. Dark, warm colors make a room feel much smaller than it actually is. Bold blues, browns and reds can help make the walls seem like they are much closer together. However, if you need the room to seem larger, you will want to use tans, greens, light blues or yellows.

Determining the type of room you want to create is important when choosing colors. A New Jersey custom painting expert can help you make the final choices based on the size and use of this important area.

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