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January 3, 2012
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Interior Design Painting Tips

One of the quickest ways to spruce up a house is by doing an interior painting project. This can be much cheaper than a large home renovation project and take less time, even if you paint every room in the house! It is important to think about the complete home’s interior design when choosing interior painting color schemes. It used to be that the walls were all the same drab color throughout the house. And of course back then, the only option for trim was plain white! But times, styles and interior design have changed over the years. Here are a few tips for those who are planning their next painting project.

Accent Walls

It is very stylish to paint one wall a different color than the others. And other than breaking up the solid colored walls, creating an accent wall can have other benefits as well. Sometimes you may want to add a simple splash of a bright color; accenting one wall is perfect and will keep the color from being too overwhelming. Reds, dark greens and browns are some of the typical colors used by interior design specialist in Livingston. Make sure that this color is not chosen out of the blue, but that it complements all the other features in the room and brings about a more balanced look. Painting one wall with a different color than the others can make a room seem smaller or larger depending on the colors and the design of the room. Discuss all of the best options with an interior painting professional.

Try Stripes

By using various sized stripes you can add a lot of color to any room. Using soft stripes on just one wall can really perk up an area. And oddly enough, using stripes on the walls can help bring about a more proportional look in an area. Horizontal stripes can help to bring a large room in for a cozy environment, and vertical lines can help a small room or one with a lowered ceiling feel more spacious. You can also alternate up to three or four complementary colors to create your stripes.

Choosing Colors

When you are choosing your color scheme and discussing various options with your Livingston interior design specialist, make sure to consider every element in the room. Yes, of course you are thinking mostly walls, but these colors must coordinate with other fixtures, furnishings, trim and doors. Use colors that are found in printed patterns on furniture or carpet to make sure that they do not clash with each other. This is really an essential element.

The usual colors for trim are a nice off-white or white. But it does not have to be limited to these options. Trim can be painted a real pale shade of the wall’s color. To create a catchy look, ask your interior design professional about using lighter walls and dark or very bright colors for the trim.

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