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How to stain finished wood

There are many types of do it yourself projects that work well with the latest New Jersey modern design.  Staining and finishing various wood pieces like trim and various furnishings can be a way to bring out the natural beauty of the wood and preserving it. There are many products to consider like staining wall units or finishing book cases. You can also choose to finish bare wood or refinish something that has been finished before. It can take some work, but the completed project can complement any interior design.

To stain a piece that has been finished before you will have to first remove the old layer of finish and stain. When a piece of furniture is stained in the first place it is usually done without expecting that there will be more stain applied later on. You cannot apply stain over stain because you will get a cloudy, sticky mess.

The most time consuming part is removing the old finish. Typically, you will need to purchase a chemical stripper. These solvents will remove the layers of finish. Be careful to properly ventilate the area where you will be working since they can put off harmful fumes. This step can be simple or complex depending on how heavily the previous layers of finish and stain have been applied. But it will remove all of the former layers.

Once you have removed the finish and stain then you will need to sand the wood again. It will probably only require a little bit of light sanding, but it is a very important step in the process. When you applied and removed the stripper it is likely that it created some rough spots that need to be sanded down before you apply the new coat. It will also help to remove any stain that is still in the wood grain. This will also help reveal the grain before you apply new stain.

After you have the wood prepared you can apply the new stain to the bare wood. Apply it evenly with a rag or brush and make sure the motions are done with the grain, not against.  Stains come in many different shades and can bring out the wood grain and give it a distinctive look. Applying more layers can make the stain darker in appearance. They can be applied using either a brush or an old rag. After the piece is stained you will want to seal it with a compatible finish.  Staining finished wood is a project that should not be undertaken by the novice as it is a multi step and often complex process, for those of you in the NJ area we recommend contacting a New Jersey wood staining specialist for assistance.

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