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November 15, 2011
Interior house painting preparation
November 29, 2011
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Winter House Painting

As a general rule we tend to sort of hibernate during the winter months. In reality, it is one of the best times of the year to complete a lot of those interior home remodeling projects. Well, it’s too cold to do anything outside, why not do some exterior painting? It’s the perfect time to change up some of the color schemes and transform your home’s interior.

A quick call to your New Jersey interior painting professional can be the first step to giving the interior of your home a whole new look. It’s a good time of year to give the house an inside facelift. You can make interior painting your major winter project and have one section of the house done at a time. And if your children are still at home, it can be a great winter project that the entire family can participate in.

Many people put off interior winter painting because they think that they have to open all of the windows in the house for ventilation. This may be true for those who have allergies to latex or various respiratory problems. But as a general rule it is not true. Newer interior paints today have a low or no VOC element so that there is almost no odor evident. They are safe to use inside even with the windows closed. Actually, since the furnace will most likely be running and circulating the air, the paint will dry much quicker than it would if the windows were open allowing the humidity to come in. If you are concerned with the possible fumes, you can discuss it with your professional New Jersey interior painting professional before the project gets under way.

Discuss some of your options with your interior paint specialist to see what paints will work best in various areas of the house. They can help you decide on the best color schemes depending on the design of you house and the present décor. He can also offer some pointers on the best types of paints to use in different areas of the home.

Winter is sometime shunned as the time of year all projects are put on hold. But it may very well be the best time to renovate your house and take on a major interior painting project. Perhaps it will be the best way for you to beat the winter blahs. Call your New Jersey painting specialist to get started today.

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