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Picking Paint Colors for Your House

Exterior painting takes just the right balance of colors. The house needs to be appealing, but not overbearing. Although you want to help your house have its own unique flare, you do not want it to clash with the neighbors either. It can be difficult to achieve the perfect delicate balance. Before calling your New Jersey house painting specialist, at least have a couple of color schemes in mind. He will be able to help you achieve the desired effect with the chosen colors. Here are a few hints on choosing the color of exterior paint.

You may be looking at the home’s exterior and thinking that it is a blank canvas. On one hand, this is true as it the options are wide open. However, it is not entirely blank. There are a few things that must also be taken into consideration. The roof color is already established. The exterior of the house should at least harmonize with the color of the roof. There are other features to be given equal consideration such as bricks, steps, railings and vinyl windows. Exterior paint colors should at least harmonize with these other items that are already in place.

It is equally important to consider other items that may be painted as well. Along with the color for the home’s exterior think about other items that might need to be painted as well. Some doors, window sashes, columns or decks may need a coat of paint too. They can be differing colors but the key is to gain the proper balance of colors without being too overwhelming.

Great estates are white for a reason. Lighter colors can make a structure appear larger and for traditional buildings white has been a long time favorite. Various shades of off-white colors, such as cream are good options too. If the desire is to make the structure appear smaller, using dark colors for the trim can achieve the preferred outcome. Dark hues are good for accenting recessed areas and lighter colors can help highlight various details. Traditionally, dark colors are used for the window sashes.

Using contrasting colors can add visual appeal to the exterior of a home and draw attention to various details. But using extreme contrasts can end up clashing and detract from the aesthetic appeal of the home. Just to be safe, try using colors that are in the same color family. Use darker or lighter shades of one color to highlight or accent areas rather than using a totally different color.

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